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Begin Again Rescue Co.
Mailing Address:
2700 Valparaiso St, Box 1053
Valparaiso, IN 46383
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 Frequently Asked Questions                

Where do your dogs come from?

  • We mostly work with a network of local and regional rescuers... occasionally we intake national and international dogs too.

  • Shelters/pounds when there are threats of being euthanized or showing signs of kennel stress.

  • Dog removed from situations that are abusive or neglectful.

  • Hoarding situations

  • Surrendered dogs that need re-homed due to owner illness or incorrect environments.

Where is BARC located?

  • Team BARC does not have a physical building. Our dogs are placed in foster homes until they find a forever home.

  • Our Post Office box where we receive snail mail is 2700 Valparaiso St, BOX 1053, Valparaiso, IN 46383.

  • If you are interested in meeting one of our dogs, please contact us or come to one of our events. (Not all dogs attend events.)


What care is provided in foster homes?​

  • We get all dogs up to date on medical care, if needed, which can include de-worming, heartworm tests, vaccinations, spaying/neutering and microchipping. This is prior to their adoption, at no cost to foster families.

  • BARC provides the food, medical care, and transportation - so foster families can provide the loving, but temporary, home.

  • To inquire or become a foster parent, fill out an application! We would love to hear from you. More fosters = More dogs saved.


How do I adopt a BARC dog?

  • Adoption is based on the person’s commitment to giving a dog a forever home and having the dog for the remainder of its life even if your lifestyle circumstances change.

  • BARC is strives to match every dog with its best possible adopter. We put a lot of time & research into choosing the right family!

  • Adopters must be at least 21 years old to apply.

  • Home visits and background checks are required.

  • Our adoption cost varies between $300 - $500 depending on age and needs of dog.

  • More information is found on our adoption page, and within the application.


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