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Foster Homes and Volunteers Needed!

BARC is an all volunteer, FOSTER based rescue with no physical building. Foster homes are the lifeline of our organization to provide the love, hope and temporary homes until we can find the dogs a loving fur-ever home. You provide the love, we provide everything else. If you have a little extra room in your heart and home, please contact us for more information or click below for an application...



Temporary Home. Young dogs and puppies need time to grow. Their immune systems need to develop before they can receive basic medical treatment like spay/neuter surgery, and shots. You can help these little ones stabilize, socialize, and grow a little more before they find their forever homes.

Safe Haven. Often dumped in shelters or vet clinics due to lack of funds to support a dog’s medical care. There are dogs that have special needs, ones that have an injury  or they are recovering from surgery, and dogs that need to adjust after life in a shelter or other traumatic situation.

Training and Guidance. Behavior and socialization challenges are sometimes a hurdle with rescue dogs because we often don’t know their background or experiences before they came to us. Some may have come from cases of neglect or abuse or simply lack the training or socialization they need to find the right home. Many of these dogs are quick to overcome their issues with a dedicated foster parent who isn’t afraid of helping a dog transform. 

Community. With help from Team BARC and our network of volunteers and pet service providers, you will not be alone. Your success is our success and we partner with our foster homes. We all want to help you and your foster dog succeed!

Become a VOLUNTEER. We have many different volunteer opportunities available. Whether it's organizing and helping at fundraisers, helping at events, making crafts items, transporting dogs, or just getting dogs some exercise and socialization... WE NEED YOU! For more information on opportunities and orientation events, please contact us, or click below to fill out a application.

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Dog Handling

*Supervising dogs at adoption events

*Taking dogs for play dates and much needed exercise

People Handing
*Selling items at adoption events
*Answering questions at events to potential adopters


*Helping to place a dog in a furever home such as home checks

Event planning
*Organizing logistics for fundraisers and special events
*Brainstorming ideas to promote dogs and raise funds

Crafting and Baking

*Bake homemade doggie treats we sell at events

*Fleece blankets (we provide the materials!)

*Doggie Adopt Me bandannas and accessories

Doggie Marketing
*Posting flyers and other materials in the community to promote fundraising and events


*Helping dogs get to local events, vet appointments, and other pet-care services
*Relaying dogs with other organizations throughout the region into our care

*Picking up incoming dogs from shelters

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