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Meet Billy

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

ADOPTED! Hello my name is Billy I'm a lab mix and about 11 months old. I’m the sweetest boy who will steal your heart!

I love to play with my humans and fur siblings. I was told I can have lots of energy. My foster mommy says sometimes I drive my fur sister crazy but I think she likes it. I’m good with the kitty but just don’t understand why he doesn't want to play. I’m learning my manners and commands and almost have "sit" and "down" mastered everyone gets so happy when I get it and I get a treat!

I'm still working on my potty-training but getting better. I love car rides although you have to help me in the car. Pupcups and French fries are awesome too! Snuggles with my foster mommy and fur siblings are great and I've learned how to be a nosey neighbor with my fur sister. New people are scary to me and it takes time for me to trust them... but once I do I give best kisses!

I am also scared of the crate but, even though I still don't like it, I will go in for my foster mommy. I love to follow you everywhere including the shower because I have to make sure you are safe and didn't leave me. I’ve gone to work with my foster mommy and I was the bestest boy. After leash training I now love walks! I will admit some doorways are still scary to me. I love my foster family but I know I will love my forever family too! Apply to adopt.

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